Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo, the hill of gold, is the only temple in Egypt that is dedicated to two gods, the god Horus and the god Sobek. This temple was originally built for worshiping god Horus, but after the increase in the number of crocodiles on the island, the temple was demolished and reconstructed so that the people could worship god Sobek (the crocodile shaped god) for protection from the crocodiles. An imaginary line divides the temple longitudinally into two parts, each with its own entrance, hypostyle halls, and chapels. The right part of the temple was dedicated to Sobek, the left to Horus. At this site we will find a Nilometer that was used to measure the level of the Nile. We will also find a series of surgeon's instruments that includes scissors, dilator, scalpels, and forceps. Mummified crocodiles and astronomical images can also be found in the temple. The temple includes a damaged pylon, a mammisi, a chapel for Hathor, an inner and outer hypostyle hall, and two sanctuaries.