Edfu is one of the most completely preserved temples and it is the largest temple after Karnack. The divine marriage of Hathor and Horus is depicted on the walls of this temple and it was celebrated twice a year, once at Dendera and the other time at Edfu. The walls of the mamisi (house of the divine birth) are decorated with scenes showing the story of the divine birth of Horus the child. The story of the divine birth is similar to that of baby Jesus. Edfu is spiritually connected with Hathor’s Temple at Dendera. During summer’s third month, the priests in the temple of Dendera place Hathor’s statue on her barque and bring it to Edfu, where it was believed that Horus and Hathor shared a matrimonial visit. Edfu temple is believed to be the site where the great mythological battle between Horus and his uncle Seth took place in which Seth was defeated.