Valley of the Kings & Queens

Beginning with the 18th dynasty, royal burials were completed underground to safeguard the mummies and rich furnishings from grave-robbers. These tombs were carved out of the rocky cliffs located in this valley within the cemetery of Luxor, the capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom period. So far 63 tombs have been discovered. Some of these tombs are of great kings like Ramsses I, II, III, VI, Seti I, Thumosis III, and Mernptah. The most famous tomb is that of King Tutankhamen, which was discovered in 1922. Its discovery captured worldwide attention because of all the treasures that it contained.

The Valley of the Queens is situated at the south-west end of the Theban necropolis. It contains about 100 tombs of the queens and young princes of the 19th and 20th Dynasties. Among the most interesting is the tomb of Queen Nefertari, whose walls are covered with vividly colored scenes, and that of prince Amon-Hor-Khopshef son of Ramsses III.