Phalie Temple

Philae is considered to be a very beautiful and magnificent temple in the Nile valley. It is dedicated to the goddess Isis and the god Osiris. The temple became submerged in the Nile after the first Aswan dam was built in 1906. During the 1970’s with the help of UNESCO, Philae temple was completely moved from Philae Island to its new location on Agilika Island. 

The main temple was converted to a church during the reign of the Emperor Justinian and even now, crosses are visible throughout the temple. The temple has scenes depicting the birth of the god Horus by his mother Isis, which is similar to the birth story of baby Jesus. The temple is built in the same style as the temples of the New Kingdom, as well as some other elements, which appeared in the Greco-Roman period, such as the Mamisi (the House of the divine birth), and a Nilometer. In addition to the main Temple of Isis there are other monuments here such as the Kiosk of Trajan and Chapel of Osiris.