Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple

Queen Hatshepsut's temple is also known as El Deir El-Bahari because a Christian Monastery once existed there. It was built by the architect Sennmut, who was a very high official in the court of Queen Hatshepsut. She wanted to honor her father (god Amun) by building him a very beautiful temple. She asked her architect not to spare any effort in making this temple the best of its kind. The temple was achieved according to the Queen's orders and an extensive garden was planted in front of its terraces. Many trees were brought by a special expedition from Punt (currently Somalia). On the walls of the temple are images showing various religious and social-scenes, some of which still retain their splendid original colors. The majority of the figures of Queen Hatshepsut have been fiercely mutilated, together with her name, as a vengeance by her half brother Thutmosis III, whom she successfully supplanted for many years.