Dendera Temple

In ancient times Dendera meant “she (Hathor) the pillar’s goddess,” and to her the temple is dedicated. She was considered the mother of the gods, the celestial cow who brought them into the world,  and the lady of joy, beauty and love. On one of the chapel’s ceiling, there are amazing astronomical scenes of Goddess Nut, the goddess of the sky. She arches her body over Earth and the sun disc, shining on the temple and the mask of Hathor. In another chapel, we will find a perfect representation of the zodiac signs and scenes of Osiris rising from the dead and becoming the god of the underworld. One of the most interesting scenes is that of Horus and Thoth pouring drops of holy water over the King. This scene is called the baptism scene which symbolizes life and happiness. It also houses a famous painting of Queen Cleopatra and Caesaron, her son from Julius Caesar. The temple is renowned for its horoscope inscriptions.