Catacombs are underground tombs dating back to the 1st century A.D. They were used by the Ptolemaists, the Greeks, and other foreigners. The uniqueness of these tombs can be found in their design plan and their decoration that are a mixture of Egyptian and Greco-Roman arts. It was discovered in 1900’s when a donkey cart fell in its pit. It consists of three stories in the rock. The Catacombs are called so because its design is similar to the Roman Christian Catacombs. The entrance leads to a spiral staircase of 99 steps that goes around a shaft, which was used to lower the body of the deceased by ropes to prevent any damages. The sarcophaguses and their lid are cut from a single block. The body of the deceased was placed into the sarcophagus through an opening in the back wall, which was blocked after burying the body.