The temple of Abydos dates back to the New Kingdom. Seti I founded the great temple in honor of the ancestral kings of earlier dynasties and it was finished by Ramses II. It is built of fine textured limestone and has many unique features such as the Osirion building as well as lots of amazing colors which are still on its walls today. The Osirion displays offering scenes and many other scenes from the Book of the Dead. As one of the tombs of a 1st dynasty King thought to be that of Osiris, the temple became a great pilgrimage center in ancient times. In a famous myth, Osiris, the god of fertility was killed by his brother Set who cut Osiris' body into 14 pieces and spread it throughout Egypt. Isis, Osiris’ sister and wife found his scattered body parts and brought him back to life. Horus, Osiris’ son later killed his uncle Set and became the new king of Egypt. Due to Osiris’ cult, Abydos also became the most famous cult center in Egypt.