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Sinai is a peninsula in which the true charms and magic of nature can be found. Moreover, it is a fabulous antiquity and the scriptural stories associated with it add awe and veneration to its pure beauty.

It is named the “Land of Turquoise” as ancient kings acquired their gold, copper and turquoise. Legend has it that the prophet Abraham was stopped there by the Pharaoh’s soldiers, who sent him to the king. On Mount Moses, God's splendor was revealed to Moses and He delivered to him the Ten Commandments. Sinai was also the route that the Virgin Mary used to flee into Egypt with her child.

One of the most interesting excursions is St. Catherine's. From beginning to end, the spectacle is magnificent. Starting from Suez, the first stopping place is the Wells of Moses. There are a dozen wells in the oasis, which are said to be filled with the water that gushed from the rock when Moses struck it with his staff.

In the temple at Serobit Al-Khadem lies the grotto of Our Lady of Sinai, the goddess Hathor, with an inscription of King Seneferu, father of Kheops, about 2720 B.C.

About 204 kilometers out from Suez, you arrive at Faran, a fertile oasis, green with palms and vegetation. It lies at the Foot of Mount Torr where Moses heard God's voice proclaiming his mission from the burning bush.

Beyond lies St. Catherine's Monastery and beside the church, lays a large mosque, which truly shows tolerance and brotherhood in faith. This friendly companionship is something that is to be found not only here, but all over Egypt. The mosque contains two interesting antiquities, a wooden chair with Kufic inscriptions and a Fatimid "mimbar," or pulpit, both of which go back to Anushtkin, an Emir of the seventh Fatimid Caliph. The monastery itself contains many treasures. The original building, dating back from the third century, was dedicated to the Alexandrian saint. It contains the precious library of thousands of manuscripts in Greek, Syriac, Arabic, and Amharic.

Main Tourist Sites in South Sinai

  • Uyun Mussa
  • Monastery of St. Catherine


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