November 9, 2006

Dear Mohammed and Ratiba,

In gratitude for all that you and your wonderful staff at Guardian Travel did for us before and during our journey to Egypt, The Hearts Center would like to offer the following recommendation for your use:

The Hearts Center’s eleven-day journey to Luxor and Giza was absolutely stupendous! Truly it was above and beyond what any of the 99 members of the tour could have even imagined! Guardian Travel was on top of every detail; for example, when one member of the tour discovered she had left her airline ticket in her copy machine at home, Guardian advanced her the money for a new ticket, so that she was not left behind. When a request was made for a special meditation setting, the Guardian staff worked into the wee hours of the night to have the space ready for us with chairs and colorful canopies. Whenever anyone had a special need, the Guardian staff was there to take care of it.

And then there were the sunsets from the rooftop of their home. Imagine being on a fifth floor open roof, a stone’s throw from the Sphinx, and watching the sun set over the pyramids of Giza—absolutely stunning! This is something only Guardian Travel could offer.

Yes, it was “a journey of a lifetime!” The knowledgeable guides, the 5-star hotels, the traditional Egyptian food, the camel rides, the feluccas, the Sphinx, the time in the Great Pyramid, the temples, the burial grounds, dinner on the Nile were all exceptional; However, what stood out foremost in the minds of all those on the journey were the magnanimous hearts of Mohammed and Ratiba and of all the Guardian staff! From my first phone call with Mohammed, I knew we had found the team to work with us in planning each and every detail of this trip, from a projection of 40 people, to an eventual group of 99! Nothing was too difficult, nothing was impossible—they were truly the guardians of each and every one of us every step of the way.


Paul Haugen

Everyone was so accommodating to our every need. I felt well protected and cared for. It was better than home. I hate to go back. You spoiled us. It was like being with family. I wouldn’t want to travel with anyone else

S. Williams, U.S.A.

• Guardian Travel is the BEST. Your integrity, level of care and competence are in a class of your own! Thank you for making our trip a wonderful and unforgettable experience. You have treated us like royalty. We hope very much to see you again next year.

Dr. Jude Currivan, U.K.

Your service is perfect!!! We have traveled a lot and have never seen that before! You take so much care of us. That makes traveling with you very easy and comfortable. Thank you so much for all your hard work and services

Dr. Gabriele & Johannes Kikinger, Austria.

• Guardian Travel made all our dreams and anticipations regarding Egypt come true. The safe, considerate and detailed care provided by the exceptional Guardian staff made Egypt come alive. The stars danced, the Pyramids glittered, and life from Cairo to Luxor was magical. Thank you Guardian Travel.

Betsy York, U.S.A.

• My trip was like traveling with a family member who is a native of Egypt! It will be hard to improve your service. Always felt comfortable and secure with your guidance.

Gloria Simons, U.S.A.

• I feel like I have a new family. I have never been treated so wonderfully! Thank you for all the personal attention. I will return to Egypt soon!

Kaye Thompson, U.S.A

• We travel extensively and this was the greatest vacation that we have ever experienced. We will definiately be coming back soon.

Rev. Lynn and Rev. Michael Morrow, U.S.A

• Your service is a master piece. Beautiful, exceptional and very very professional yet as a family. We love you. God Bless

Lorane & Clifford Butler, U.S.A.

• You have been Kind, coureous with exellent organization and attention to details. We never felt so pampered! The Guardian staff are so precious, we are grateful for you. Thank you from our hearts.

S.W, U.S.A

• I can’t imagine a more wonderful tour. Everything was exquisite. Guardian Travel certainly went the extra mile! I can’t imagine anything else that you could possibly done for us that would make this a better trip.

Nicola, Canada

• Your attention and service was extraordinary. Care was reflected in everything you do. You anticapted all of our needs and provided the best experience anyone could hope for. The sites we visited, the food was excellent, and guides were extraordinary.

Deborah Timberlake, U.S.A

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